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Please remember that adopting an animal is a SERIOUS commitment. Animals may take several weeks or even months to settle into their new environment. They cost money and require lots of attention and love. Please, seriously consider your decision to adopt. Sadly, too many animals are adopted and returned simply because people didn’t think the adoption through.


We suggest that you research what is best for you and plan to participate in a training course so the adoption experience is a positive and lasting one for you and the animal you adopt.

It is LMHS’s responsibility to place the animals that we rescue into an environment compatible with their needs and to ensure their adoption is in the best interest of both the

animal and the adopter.  

Current Adoptable Animals


Labrador Retriever mix

5.5 years old


Labrador Retriever mix

6 years old


Female Anatolian Shepard mix

6.5 years old

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